Sunday, April 18, 2010

The character in the first post, he's a stinker.

This is how it mostly started. The stinker in the previous post put out this flyer. I copied it from 9news so that if this stinker sees it, he can't say I changed it. And he would, because he's a stinker.

Can you tell I don't care for him? Or that I think he is a genuine, dyed-in-the-wool, bonafide stinker? I'm really trying hard not to beat around the bush about how I feel about him. A couple of links will tell the story better than I can. and and the ending of the whole damn thing is

Ok, if you don't want to read all the links, let me summarize them for you in pertinent quotes from each.

1st link: "The first horse that we're gonna kill is a beautiful gray stallion by the name of Independence,” Parker told the Greeley Tribune on Tuesday. "When we shoot him with one shot, make no mistake about it, it will be the first shot of the second American Revolution. You think I'm kidding? You just sit by and watch what happens.".

2nd link: " Parker has been in trouble with the law before. His criminal history includes charges of theft, forgery fraud and assault."

3rd link: Weld County Sheriffs seize horses. Yay. "Parker was a well-known figure in Denver in the early 1980s, described then as a Denver real-estate and securities "whiz" who briefly ran for U.S. senator for Colorado before running afoul of the law."

"In February 1982, he pleaded guilty to five federal fraud, perjury and tax charges and agreed to return at least $6 million to investors bilked in a gold-mine tax-shelter scheme. He spent five years in prison for mail fraud and tax evasion.

Parker said that one reason he was living on the property east of Fort Lupton was to "get away from everyone, but obviously that didn't work."

Parker claimed that during his glory days in Denver, he actually was working for the CIA and that his run for the U.S. Senate was orchestrated by the CIA.

Parker said the flier about shooting the horses was only an attempt to call attention to his treatment at the hands of Weld County officials, who want him to clean up the property at Weld County Roads 8 and 35.

This morning, Parker said that although authorities had launched a "sneak attack" on the property, he was happy the horses would be cared for."

Couple three things about all this.

Thing #1: Tea Party listed at the bottom of the flyer. The party of Taxed Enough Already. 'k, carry on.

Thing #2: Stinker's little ally in all this starts a "Horse Rescue". Neither Stinker or his little buddy will allow accredited and legal rescues to take the horses, because they'd be stealing millions of dollars of horseflesh. Or these rescues, including the Arabian Horse Rescue, don't know how to handle Arabian stallions. So the brand spanking new rescue illegally takes many, many, many donations from well meaning and good hearted people across the state. Money that could have gone to the legitimate rescues. There's a recession going on, yanno. Donations are down all across the country.

And finally, Thing # 3: Who do you suppose paid for the care of the horses after they were seized? Aside from some donations that the Weld County Sheriff's department asked for, I think it was probably.... state and county tax dollars. From the Tea Party guy.

Who I saw at the Tea Party Tax Day Rally, handing out Tea Party information. Well, the very good thing was, I got to call him the liar, fraud and scammer that he really, truly is. Loudly, and with a bright red face. I was uncivil and unkind. I was bad mannered. And I might go to hell.

It was worth it.

So sayeth Little Ms. Bad Manners

Old, fat and mad!

That's what I looked like at the 2010 Denver Tea Party Tax Day rally.

But I really wasn't mad, not until later, when I saw this character go by me. But I'll get to him in the next post.

I went to the rally with the Aurora Coffee Party, and while I really enjoy the group, I'm not much for discourse when I can spend my time moving and doing.

So I took my little sign and did some dancing and waving across the street from the rally. I was both heartened and disheartened by my time there. Heartened because I had many, many thumbs up, fist pumps and thank you's for my statement. Disheartened because it was just me. And this seems to be one of the problems with moderates, they are the silent majority.

But the politicians do not hear silence, they hear noise, they count heads and act accordingly. So bad behaviour becomes worse in state and federal government. And we let it happen by our disapproving silence. Shame on us. If you want to be heard, get up off your hind end and speak up. You don't have to scream, you don't have to froth, but you do have to speak. Speak up, speak up, speak up, because if you don't, things you don't want to happen probably will.

Maybe it comes down to a questions of manners. Maybe that's what the moderates are worried about, that speaking up will be perceived as being rude. Ok, let's go at it from this way:

It is not bad manners to speak out. It is bad manners to make crap up. It is good manners to tell the truth. It is bad manners to gang up and shout down anyone that has the temerity to disagree with you. It is not bad manners to stand up as a group and protect free speech for everyone, not just the few. It is bad manners to use thinly disguised racial slurs. It is not bad manners to call out those slurs. It is bad manners to call someone a traitor/socialist/communist/what-the-hell-ever-the-new-tag-of-the-day-is for daring to disagree with your stance. It is not bad manners to call that behaviour unacceptable.

So sayeth little Ms. Manners here.